Thursday, February 28, 2008

Get well soon, Mr. X !

Yesterday, Mr. X called me. He told me that he was diagnosed with slipped disc. I was a bit shocked (i wasnt really sure what is slipped disc, but I'd heard about it once and it didnt seem good as it involved the spinal). But then, after he explained to me, i felt a bit relieved. He have to attend the physiotherapy and lets pray that he will be ok after the theraphy (though he didnt mention this to me..but I know, he's afraid that this will effect him) Dear Mr. X, as much as you always wishing the best for me, I'm also had been doing the same thing for you, so there's nothing to worry, just try your best !
p/s: Nway to those who happened to know Mr. X, please keep this to yourself, until he breaks the news to you all.

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noorina said...

oh, baru ingat nak call him up. Btw, if he call again (or u call him), pls send my best wishes to him.