Monday, August 03, 2009

Ikan Bakar Muara Sg Duyong Part 1

Our main mission: Ikan Bakar at Muara Sungai Duyong, cendol@jonker street..
Project member consisted of kimi, izma (mastermind ni), rina, azhar, fatin (org melaka yg pura2 jadi pelancong) and me (jonker walk’s addict)

The journey started on Saturday morning when Rina n Azhar fetched me at home. It took us around 2++ hours to reached Ayer Keroh, Melaka, From the toll, we headed to the Jafmanurin’s homestay which located not far from the MITC. The homestay was an apartment of 3 bedroom with 2 bathroom. It cost us around RM150 per night and it worth it as we really felt like we at home at the homestay.

Next destination was late lunch at Mc Donald Taman Buaya. After much consideration and thought (calories and price) I ate the regular mcd chicken and sundae cone top choc. It was still too early for dinner at Sungai Duyong, so we went to the Jonker Walk for a stroll and cendol. I, who was on mission to buy at least one printed, dress/blouse straight away wandering the street looking for the shop and I was so delighted when I find the shop! (Of course I ended up buying a red floral printed blouse..;p)

To satisfy our thirst, we bought cendol and ice kacang at Jonker 88. This was my 2nd time there, but this was the 1st time for rina+azhar+kimi+izma. So, I was not too overwhelmed with the taste of the ice kacang n its gula melaka. The rest otherwise were drooling over the cendol. So far, this was the best abc and cendol I’d ever eaten. The ice was so smooth and the thickness of gula melaka was such a good complement to each other! (too yummy..till we decided for another trip tomorrow)

The restaurant was located further inside nearby the Sungai Duyong. From the jonker walk, it took around 10 minutes to reach there. By the time we reached there, around 7pm, the place had been crowded with ppl, we managed to spot a place nearby the river. It was advised (based on Kimi and Izma’s experience, to not to seat nearby the walls, try to find a place nearby the river or with fans, so that you wont be having bad ventilation problem while savouring the seafood later)

We then hand picked ourself the seafood for our dinner. I joined Rina and Izma for a while, but as I was 1st time there and unsure of what to eat I just left the decision up to them. So, we ordered; one jug of fresh orange and lime ice, siakap bakar cili, ketam masak cili, pepahat masak serai and halia kot, kepah masak sweet sour, garlic and buttered prawn, sotong goring tepung and last but not least the kalian ikan masin. Sounds too much rite? But aint too much for us, as we slowly savouring the dishes till nothing left except the shell and bones! Btw, while waiting for the food, I can’t help to notice of how fast the waiter cleans up the table. once the customer leaves the table a group of 4-5 youngster will head to the table with broom, dustpan, wiping cloth and basin to put all the plates, jugs and others. These fasten up the process, which within 2-3 minutes the table is ready for the next customer. Beside having the seafood, we also had the tauhu bakar. While rina+azhar n izma+kimi had nasi lemak. Since we still had unfilled compartment, we ordered for otak2 as our dessert. This otak2 were good too. It was hot and when you tasted it you’ll know that the seafood used was fresh. Everything had been eaten, next was the payment. For all of what we had ordered, it cost us RM 131 (murah tak? Murah kan?)

lupe nak comment on the food..

pepahat masak halia - the 1st one i ate had pasir inside i tried the second one, ok plak. however the 3rd one ade a bit pasir..soo who's up to the adventure bolehlaa try.

siakap bakar - the fish meat sgt lembut n membuka selera.. maybe becoz it was fresh from the sea..

ketam masak cili - spicy and such and adventure to eat for my teeth(nasib baik ketam tu byk isi, else sia2 laa gigit bagai nak rak)..sampai tudung pun ikut makan skali..

kepah sweet sour - yummy..kepah die i was lost of count how much i ate it..

garlic buttered prawn - not too oily and the prawns were big and such a heaven for prawn lover's like me

sotong goreng tepung - not oily at all..very crunchy..nyum2 nyum2..

The day hadn’t over yet. After dinner, we hit the MBMB park. The trees in blue and white colours, made a nice spot for taking lots of photos during the nite. There was also small fountain which brings lots of joy to the kids and of course fatin loves it too. Tired and full, we went back to the apartment for a good nite sleep. Can’t wait for the next day; we had another two mission tomorrow!

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ella said...

nampak mcm sedap giler dan RM131 mmg sgt lah murah! aku nak try plak this wiken.