Wednesday, January 26, 2005

final year final sem ??

whoa..semester jan 2005 dah pun bermula..meaning..from now on i have to work harder..have to get really good grades before graduating..the competition outside is getting tougher..though you got first class it is not a guarantee that u can secured good jobs wif good salary...

however..for the time being..i'm not really into that i am very busy handling the eye infections..n also the very2 hot weather at utp..i dun think that rain could hardly touch the ground...hahahhaha..nway..already went to the clinic yesterday..paid 20 ringgit for the ubat..huhu..the doctor didnt even checked me..he just asked me what happen..bla bla bla..than prescribed the medicine for the infections..

gtg..ade kelas kul 2 nie..

p/s: network kat hostel tgh maintenance kalo nak surfing kena gi expect that i won't be able to update the blog everyday...hehhe

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