Wednesday, January 19, 2005

keliru version 2.0

when sumthing bad happen..n it happened because of sumthing that we did..mmg kite tak boleh nak tarik ape yg kite boleh buat..try to minimize the impact..for instance..there might be a person would be suprised to see that one of my blog entry is not at it place..well..actually..rase bersalah dgn ape yg aku tulis dlm tu..benda kecik..but caused sum ppl feeling uneasy about it..i wish 'sorry' would be rasenye cam tak moved that particular entry..hopefully..sume puas hati..

>>i should have asked about it first..rather than make the assumption..

p/s: everything has its own time n place..n maybe it is not the time yet..

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