Thursday, January 13, 2005

Found this..mase tgh jejalan kat blog to waida...kewl..2 types of "anime" fan..

'too little anime'
You know you haven't seen enough anime when:
You think DBZ is the best show ever.
You think DBGT rocked.
You think Naruto is the best show ever.
You think your an anime fan when you've seen Yu-Gi-Oh! and other titles that have played on TV.
You have zero anime divx files on your computer.
You still use Windows Media Player to watch your anime.
You search "download insert-anime-title-here episodes" in any search engine.
You think Adult Swim is the number one anime provider.
You have a shelf of DBZ dvds.
You think Dragonball Z is better than the original Dragonball.

'too much anime'
You know you've been watching too much anime when:
You've got a whole HD dedicated to anime.
You need to start deleting older series to free up some space on your pc.
You start correcting the fansubs (Thanks Jeirun).
You start to go by the name of your favourite character name.
You want others or call yourself with a traditional Japanese name ending such as san, kun, sama ect.
You call your teacher sensei.
You answer the phone with Moshi Moshi.
You classify Japanese as a language you know because you've picked up words from series you've seen.
You search for anime merchandise off Ebay.
You've bought more than 20 anime DVDs.
You think subtitles are better than English in everything you watch.
You exceed your monthly download limit or get close to it from downloading too much anime.
You've downloaded too much anime you resort in finding manga to save space.
You keep track of all the titles you've seen.
You've seen too many titles to keep track of.
You start buying games based on anime..
You suddenly have the urge to buy "How to draw manga" books
You think ramen rules.
You dress up as your favourite anime character.
You get insulted when others pronounce anime wrong.
You think otaku means fanboy of anime.
You're awake 3AM in the morning watching anime.
You buy a burner just to free up space on your HD.
You're MSN or AIM contact list is full of people you met on anime forums or chats.
You start joining various anime forums.

hahha..after reading this..n make sum crap calculation..i belong to none of this..haha..still budak2 baru belaja nak tgk anime..

p/s: skang nie..aku lg gile tgk cite cine + korea + jepun drp tgk anime..

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Anonymous said...

I think I watch too little anime =P