Monday, February 15, 2010

randomn rants #4

once again..there were so many things running on my mind..wished i could blogged all of it..but i was too lazy to type lengthy blog entries..due to excessive reporting that i had gone through last two weeks..

1. entering the 3rd day of the holidays, i managed to achieve one of my mission; which is to sleep, sleep and more sleep..on average i slept around 14-16 hours per day.

2. i only awake for lunch, dinner, bath n internet.

3. i think malaysia had been once again hit by the global warming crisis. it was freaking hot n dry. i still sweating though i was sleeping in an air-conditioned room.

4. it had been a while since the last time i cooked proper dinner from A-Z for the family. (a while meant 3 months ago)

3. while i thought that i could keep up the record, i had to give up when mum forced me to cook for dinner as mum had cooked for the big breakfast this morning. sigh~

4. 1 hour at kitchen made me sweat as if i had ran on the treadmill for 2 hours. maybe because of the climate? or cooking did burnt out the calories?

5. for that 1 hour, I had cooked rice, fried chicken in oyster sauce with dried chilis and cabbage n carrot in masak lemak.

6. my sis and husband n kasih slept over at our home today. did i mentioned that Kasih had started to recognize ppl and will cry whenever us try to hold her? sigh~

7. kasih is 5 months old already. she had started eating nestum. she loves to smile. she loves talking to her father. she loves to suck her finger. omg. she's just soo cute!

8. i think i had enough of sleep. so tomorrow, I'll decided to clean up my closet, clean up my Radish, and jogging.

9. today, i must be the most annoying person on FB. Why? Becoz i've been updating my status like every hour. Sorry mate. I was damn bored today.

10. received a wedding invitation today. coincidently her name is nadia too. which triggered "bile nadia nie plak nak kawin" question from mum n sis..haish..sabar jelaa

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HafizChan said...

Keh keh...nak lempang x?

naTea said...

hurm..after yours . .lempang diri sendri k! :p

Permaisuri Mawar said...

ni qada' tido over the long wiken ke ^_^6

jodoh is on the way kot.. traffic jam ;)

naTea said...

haha..hibernating-the best thing to do during long hols..recharging..

yup..maybe due to traffic jam..haha..will use that reason if i failed to secure an escort for the big wedding later..:p

HafizChan said...

Term escort tu macam semacam je...
Macam call boy/girl

naTea said...

ape kurangnye dgn term wing? lg mcm2 ok? :p .. haha..ko mcm tak biasa je jadik call boy..hahahah..LOL :P