Tuesday, February 02, 2010

a confession . .

Two weeks had passed. So far so good. Once in a while the memories did come back. It lingered around me for a while, before I shunned it away when it grew into pain. Weird enough, the feelings will eventually grew stronger whenever I was in the train, let it be the monorail or star LRT. There were times when I secretly wished that he’s not married, or secretly hoping for us to bump into each other. It had been expected that withdrawal process would take some time and might hurt me occasionally, but should you asked me whether I’d regretted for what had happened, I would have tell you that,

“I’m grateful to get to know him, meeting him like meeting Mr.KA for the second time, be with him made my heart beating extremely faster than usual and because of him, I smiled more. Though this might be one of his favorite past time, for me, it had teaches me very valuable lessons in relationship, never trust anybody except Allah and myself.”

p/s: :) . .one day the spring will follow me everywhere i go . .

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