Wednesday, February 17, 2010

simple n sweet

4 days hols had ended. back to the reality. back to the office. i'm 50% recharged. and 50% dehydrated.

1. After staying with us for almost 3 days, Kasih finally recognized us and allowed us to play with her. Yipee!

2. As I was almost broke, i had limited my outing activities during this hols. the only place that i went to was a wedding reception at setapak and gals outing at Jalan TAR with Sue. the only money that i spent during the hols was RM40.

3. My new mission every morning is to catch up the 4 coaches train at Masjid Jamek. Most of the time, the train will stop at Masjid Jamek sumwhere around 7.25 - 7.30 am. Maybe because the new coaches had this 'new and fresh' smell. LOL

4. Yesterday, i only managed to get my sleep for 4 hours. Thanx to my bro for switching off all the lights! (i cant sleep when it was too dark!)

5. Cant wait for the bbq this weekend! :P

6. Alhamdulillah, finally it's raining at KL!

7. There's nothing special happened today, but i am feeling contented while sitting in the bus listening to my jazz collection while it was drizzling outside.

8. I finally cooked my first asam pedas. (now what's left for me to learn is the Curry) Well, it was not exactly asam pedas as what had been commented by my sis. She prefer calling it as sambal ikan pari. Hahaha

9. Been looking for good quality of Bisikan Rindu.mp3 by Han. It is one of the ost of Na O Mei, a drama series for the Akasia slot at TV3. Should you find one, please let me know k?

10. I'm craving for peppermint choc ice cream. Where can i get one with lowest calories?

11. Been receiving lots of queries concerning the Korean Trip. Well dear blog readers / bloghoppers, eventually, the trips is handled by my sis MIL's travel agency. Currently, i'm still waiting for the latest package price, itineraries, and departure date. Once I got all the necessary info, I shall update it in my blog entries. And as usual, you can always forward your queries to

12. Till todate, my Korean Trip's fund had reached RM10.00 only.hahaha. still long way to go. Praying hard for Air Asia to start flying to Korea.

13. Seriously, i just couldn't understand guys. Ever since when, they can be moody and complicated? Huh!

14. Next week, i'll be working at sumwhere nearby KLCC. Nak lunch or minum petang sesame? :)


ella said...

waa.. kasih dah besar mana ek? nnt bbq dia ada tak? leh main2 dgn hana dan akak fatin..

bila ko plan nak gi korea beb?

rina said...

hahahha 1st time aku nak bangga yg aku lg pandai masak dr namo..sbb aku reti masak kari!

naTea said...

ella: nak g korea next year. nak ikut?

rina: hehe..kari ikan je blum belaja..