Sunday, March 07, 2010

i hate..but i love . .

as usual. life been very hectic. trying my best to catch up with almost everything. though there were times, things kinda get out of my control. which i fret about it sumtimes but most of the times, i just let if go with the flow.

i hate the fact that i had/have . .
1. to work on 1st saturday of every months. it consumed extra energy, time and $$$
2. to work with ppl (not all) who pretending to know everything, and at the end, they just give me rubbish
3. to learn to forget about him. but i had no choice. he is just not the one.
4. to find an escort for my cousin's wedding reception. haih~
5. no gut to say no to my superior whenever they kept assigning new task after another. 
6. my dell laptop is experiencing system error. i kinda loss count, of how many times i had been using the force shutdown. 

but, i love the fact that i had/have
1. great bbq session with close frens last month. though, we did not have the best marinate recipe for the chickens or the lamb, plus we were a bit unorganized too, but still we managed to pull out a great get together session! next session will be a pool bbq, perhaps?
2. great movie marathon session with my fren, Sue. we watched valentine's day while drooling over dreamy and steamy. this was then followed by percy jackson. A movie with simple plot, with not too extravagant casting but still entertaining and quite informative too.
3. spent only rm120 for a jacket and a dress last week. enuff said.
4. find my courage to say what's on my mind to him before i ended up everything.
5. decided to go to Singapore USS this Nov and S.Korea, June '11. Something that will motivate me to keep holding on.
6.  been confirmed. (of course with bit $$$)..
p/s: am becoming very tired lately. and agitated too. why?

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