Sunday, March 14, 2010

a sign of ageing . .

Recently, my insurance agent called me to arrange for a lunch appointment with me. I decided to have the lunch at a restaurant nearby the office. As expected, my colleagues were asking me about the insurance agent with pre-assumptions that we're an item (which is not). but this particular conversation was one that i found the most interesting of all:

Manager A: nadia, who's that guy?
Me: a human
Manager A: haha, how long u've been together?
Me: we've never been together, he's my insurance agent
Manager A: owh, what a handsome insurance agent!
Me: indeed! by the way he's 2 years younger than me.
Manager A: no wonder, as i did noticed that

then suddenly Manager B interrupt, by jokingly said

Manager B: manager A, do you have to tell straight to her face that she looks older than that guy? 

(this was then followed by an eruption of laughter from all of us there)

maybe the sign of ageing had start to show off. maybe i had to frown lesser, smiles more. or buy the olay total effects? ahahahha

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