Sunday, March 14, 2010

white , orange+pink, grey . . .

time flies like .. flies eh? without noticing it, it will be like 2 mths left before my cousin's wedding. last week, my aunt had briefed us the color code for the wedding - beige/white for the solemnization, orange+pink for the night reception, and grey for the bridegroom's reception. i think it had been a tradition for us the family to ensure that we observe the color code, and as i want to take some berkat from the ceremony, i had started window shopping for the fabric materials. for now, i had only fabric material for the grey/silver reception. which i am planning to turn into something like this:

for the white theme, i will go for english cotton. whilst the pink+orange still undecided. mcm aku plak yg nak kawin ek? nothing to be fuss it sumthing common in our family..esp the dress up for the family events..


rina said...

cantik2! aku dpt bayangkan baju ni kaler grey dgn beads2 silver..

Permaisuri Mawar said...

oh wow cantiknya!! macam baju untuk ya pulak (for engagement perhaps ^_^v)
a bit too white, perhaps the beadings can be in pink n orange ;)

naTea said...

rina: setuju! aku mmg ske tgk baju nie..siap berangan utk nikah pakai camnie je..dah cukup sweet utk aku yg sweet nie..hahaha.. nnt dah siap..aku pos skali lg hasilnye

mawar: haha..mmg cantik fashion nie sample baju je..baru nak ditempah..fabriknye warne kelabu bunga2.. baju pink orange belum ketemu lagi..

gals..kalo ade design cantik2 sile laa bg k! nak wat utk baju pink orange..