Friday, August 06, 2010

Movie Review : Eclipse

feeling dejavu? guess what? me feeling the same too! So, the truth was, last saturday after submitting the report to bursa, i accompanied my mum to jalan2 at KLCC to make up all the weekends that i didnt spent with our first stop was the tgv..after contemplating on whether to watch the sorcerer's apperantice or salt, it just struck me that mum had always been talking about the sequel of twilight..but wait, i'd watched eclipse..but then..the idea of having another session drooling over Edward and shirtless Jacob was too good to be put aside, soo..i bought the tickets..

as we had plenty of time before the show, so we grab our fave brunch - pancakes and waffles with soothing hot honey lemonade before heading to the Galeri Petronas. We entertained ourselves by guessing the title of arts whilst commenting and appraising the arts (mcm laa we're the expert). then, we did the mum-must-do thingy, browsing for super adorable and cute gowns for Kasih, but unfortunately mum cant decide on which one to take, so she ended up buying nothing..YeaY!! << sorakan seorang anak yg jealous dgn niecenye sendiri..

i tot we had took our brunch, but mum said the brunch was not fulfilling enuff, so we had our lunch.ok now i was bit worried of whether i could stay awake all thru the movie.

well, turned out..i only watched the first 20 minutes of the show..before dozing off..and awake for the action parts and the shirtless Jacob in pain..hahahah

so..that's my eclipse review~ hehehe

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