Sunday, July 27, 2008

beezee weekend + mission accomplished..

1st mission: to go to pavilion and have a good n my frens had a great time there!! me eating taiwanese food(+ cheng teng..sedap!) while others opted to have koreans and a vietnamese side dishes..though the price was more expensive compared to other foood was quite worth it as the portion was big..(next mission: the mummy 3)

2nd mission: to go to jln tar and buy cloth material for baju raya..haha..this was pre raya preparation..i'd just realized that this will be the last raya b4 my sis getting married..i'd bought 3 types of textile (price ranging from RM30 - RM150)..a tudung..while my mum bought for our home..a new langsir..then..had a big lunch at secret recipe (my sis belanje..thanx yana!!) nway..dunno y..the service on that day was slow..) (next mission: ganti all the posa find a lining for the rm100++ textile, shoes, bags)

3rd mission: ot on saturday..this was my 1st ot on sat at the new audit firm..not bad..though have to rush back from the outing with my family..this one is a freelance job..soo $$$$$(alhamdulillah..ade rezeki lebih bersempena bln membeli belah nie)..stayed at the office till 10++..can claim everything on that day..soo..why stayed at home? (next mission: huh..dunno?)

4th mission: stay at home on sunday but do nothing except watching tv..heheh..besnye!! lucky my mum agreed to cook lunch..soo can hv a break from cooking during weekend..

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