Monday, July 21, 2008

wiken yg best!

Last weekend was supposed to be like any other weekend..where i just stayed at home, watching korean+bollywood movies, or washing clothes + cleaning up my room..but then..towards the weekend..suddenly invitations to kenduri pouring in..hehe..used to it alr..i decided to go to aqiqah of my fren's's been a while since the last time i saw lil' amir..i was wondering how he looks like now..n yup..he's much more bigger than the last time i met him..much more cuter..esp. when he's smiling to me (jgn jeles ye rakan2..) the food was delicious too..too bad i was on no so strict diet (but still have to watch for the portion of food that i took)..else mmg dah tibai everything (esp..the lamb..yummynye!!) n then..nor+shon+nor's sister arrived..n invited me to join their karaoke session tmr..heh..dtg2 terus ajak aku..abis jatuh saham aku yg dah dtg elok2 pakai baju kurung (yg rupe2nye kaki karoks)..:p, rina+azhar went to IKEA..i was so was my 1st time i went to ikea @ we walked and walked..testing the chairs..the matress..the bed..the drawers..but i ended up spending rm12(chopping board and kitchen utensils) only at i dunno what to buy and frankly speaking..the price was bit expensive..then..after almost patah kaki walking at the ikea (my sandal's heel had this tendency of hinting me that i had walked too much)..we ate at the ikea's having meatballs..rina being tempted to eat the chicken wings..azhar eating chicken chop kot..not too sedap..but mengenyangkan..pas mkn..baliklaa..
the next morning..i woke up it was my turn to cook for lunch, i was thinking how to skip my turn..but then i was saved when my mum allowed me to cook fried rice only..soo..i off to red box sogo..a bit late..but that hadn't spoiled the fun..after karoks..went for window shopping..n bought some junk foods b4 we went home..
p/s: thanx nor for the ride home..

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