Tuesday, July 01, 2008

happy day??

yesterday was the last day for the trainees..initially, we already had a farewell dinner at hotel istana..but at the last minutes the big boss wanted to have another luncheon at the banker's club today..as most of the trainees had other things to do on that day..soo the luncheon was cancelled and was replaced by having food delivery @ Room Delivery..well..the main menus were quarter meal kenny rogers and lamb shoulder from chilis..the main activities >> taking pictures and chit chatting till 9++ pm..nyum2..<<--- happy sbb dpt makan chilis setelah sekian lame..

soo..it was around 9.40pm..and i didnt feel like going home by bus..soo..i called a cab..it turned out that the driver was actually a bank officer doing part time..how do i know? i didnt asked him..he volunteered to tell me..and eventually..he tried to flirt with me..heheh..till the extend he wanted to charge me only rm5 from my office to my home...hehe..tp..i bayar as usual laa..ngv mahal maa..but the interesting part was..i felt comfortable talking to him..unlike my previous encounter with the strangers yg tak pasal2 approach i..hurmm..when i told my sis what had happened..she told me that i should go home by cab again today..should i or shouldnt i?

p/s: let's have a grace period of 1 day..miahahah..:p


noorina said...

did u give your number to him? or did u keep his taxi number???? :P

naTea said...

i remember his taxi number..tp tulah..sbb die sewa waktu mlm je..soo i dunno whether die pakai cab yg same..n..too bad..i tak bg no hp i..sigh~..xpe..kalo ade jodoh insya allah akan berjumpe lagi..