Tuesday, July 29, 2008

time to let u go . . .

a fren asked me a question; "camne kalo tetibe die cakap die nak kawin org len?"

i told her: then it is time for me to let him go..

she asked me back: r u sure, u can do that? i think u're tooo in love wif him?

i answered her: hmm..i'll be lying if i said i wouldnt cry my heart all out..but i know..as the time goes by..the hurt will be healed..

feeling unsatisfied: then..if u alr. knew it will hurt u sooo much..why u still want to wait for the time..u shud refrain urself..learn to let him go..

me: . . . . yeh..maybe i shud..

p/s: letting u go..is the hardest thing that i ever do..requires me to do lots of OT + taking classes during weekends + etc . . . .