Wednesday, July 09, 2008

mak n karpetnye

since the mum had cleared up almost 50% of junks which previously she said sayang nak the living room..had been less cluttered with things..which means now there's new space for new things to come in..n guess what the new 'stuff'? It was a carpet which was made in turkey..hurmm..which cost her rm590?? WHAT?? 590?? I was shocked..n a bit unsatisfied too..though it was not my money..but do we have to splurge on a carpet?? This morning when i asked my mother why she didnt survey 1st at least at Jln TAR, she just simply told me..that she didnt have the time(i think she had forgot that we will be going to Jln TAR this Sat for baju raya shopping)..and plus the thing had been bought so i'd just had to accept mum always right(though, most of the time she'll regret the mistake..e.g the manual iswara)..enuff've reason when i prefer not to spend so much for the mum has too much money till the extend she didnt bother to spend almost rm600 for a carpet..selamat duit aku..;p


noorina said...

wowowo, rm600 for a carpet. aku leh dpt 3 helai yg lembut2 tu.. but nway, karpet turky mmg mahal la beb. biar la sekali sekala dia nak membeli, yg cantiknye rumah dia, yg habisnye duit dia :P

naTea said...

aku setuju tu..duit die..ske atilaa die..asalkan mak aku bahagia..n tak bisingkan camne aku belanje duit aku..kehkehkeh