Monday, July 14, 2008

diRtY + SeXy + MonEy

at the most exclusive place on earth..there was this very high profile wealthy family..we called them the Darling's family..Well..the father, Patrick seems like been keeping a big secret..while the mother,Letitia was having a secret affair with the used-to-be family's lawyer..the eldest son, Patrick who running for the Senate was also having an affair, but with a guy..the other son, Brian, a reverend had a wedlock son..the eldest daughter, Karen was still in love with the lawyer's son(he married to sumone that had been admired by brian), which might be the main reason why she had been married for 3 times..the twins, Jeremy and Juliet - one is looking for an ultimate freedom while the other is looking for the attention..n day..the loyal lawyer suddenly died in a plane crash(which sumbody doubted that it was an accident)..n the son(a lawyer) who had sworn that he would never ever replace his father places now had no choice left as he wanted to investigate the real deal behind the plane crash..a bit cliche+stereotype..but still interesting and entertaining..more on 8tv, sat, 10.30pm..

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