Monday, August 03, 2009

Kembara Cendol Part 2

After freshen up and prayed, I lie on the bed while browsing thru the Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows hoping that I will be slowly deprived into sleep while reading it. eventually, I was a bit worried (more to scared), as I had to sleep alone in the room where the bed was just beside the window. So, I slept with the lights on, with the yaasin book beside me and few times terjaga all the night. I only managed to fall into deep sleep after the subuh.

Woke up around 8. rina had already woke up. She was lying on the sofa while watching the astro. She told me that she had a stomach ache. As both of us had been eating the same thing since yesterday morning, and I didn’t experience any mild diarrhea or stomach pain, I assumed that this might be due to improper meal time which cause gas in the stomach. Soon, everybody had woke up, even the little one, Fatin. Fatin will wake up whenever her parents are awake (dunno whether this is good thing or other wise) azhar n kimi bought some roti canai at ridiculously cheap price but good enough to be our bfast for that morning. 1 hour later, all were dressed up and packed up ready to check out to our last destination. Before our departure, the homestay owner had captured few pictures of us to be uploaded into their blog later.

2nd last destination, was the historical building at melaka. Frankly, I didn’t bother about what the place was called and what is was used to be before, as my main focus was to take tones of pictures. Indeed, supplied with 3 cameras (1 kodak+1 sony+1 sony dslr) I bet there were soooo many pictures! What I can recall is that, I climbed up&down lots of stairs till I gave up on my primavera wedges and changed into the comfy cheap slipper.

The day was getting hotter and Fatin started to cry once in a while with the fact that she refused to wear the cap, though there still a lot of place to jalan2, I think we had enough. We had our lunch at jonker 88 again! This time around I ate the mango ice kacang (drooling!) and nasi lemak sambal udang (just ignored this pls! ) while the rest opted for durian cendol+cendol+laksa asam+nasi lemak rendang. Finished eating around 3 p.m. and now time to go home (so sad, why good thing ended fast?)

So, overall, I’d spent: RM30 (accommodation), RM26 (seafood), RM8.70(late lunch at McD) RM69.90 (blouse) RM1.70(ice kacang), RM6.20(mango ice kacang n nasi lemak) = RM 142.50..(not incl toll and petrol) ..for 2d/1n at melaka..murahlaa tu!

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Permaisuri Mawar said...

woh bajet yg nice for a wiken getaway :)