Monday, August 17, 2009


nightmares..among symptoms of started to haunt me again..fortunately (trying to look for the bright side of it) only occurs during the weekends..and weird enough it never missed the sunday's nite (eve of monday)..eventually..i’d been done too many thinking and worrying lately..

am thinking and worrying of resigning and searching for a new job. Thinking of about the exam. Thinking - whether I’d made the right decision of letting him go. Worrying for my sister and her chaotic life and soon to be more chaotic when the baby arrives. Thinking of him again.

The nightmares had been in so many forms it could possibly be. Once, it was about me stabbing a thief with a knife and didn’t feel scared at all. Then, somebody that I know was trying to harm me. I’d lost count the occasional dreams of me being bitten and chased by snakes. Recently I dreamt about Mr. K.A. After so many years! he told me that he divorced his wife to be with me and he’s been looking for me for quite long time. I woke up with a migraine later that day.


noorina said...

gile la mimpi yg KA tu!mmg patut pon termigraine bile mimpi camtu.

naTea said...

hurm..mmg gile kan! mmg real sgt..smp aku paksa diri aku bangun..siap ade real tears lg..;p