Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tujuh belas lagi

how on earth zac efron could be cute, handsome and hunky at the same time? That's what i found out when i watched the movie last week. i watch the movie based on a recommendation of a fren. though a bit cliche in term of the hero got the chance to be young again, but there's turnaround when it comes to the plot. this light movie was suitable to be watch by the family and of course accompanied by parents for those under 12..;)

this was one of the ost from the movie..

p/s: drooling over zac efron!


ella said...

leh tahan gak la mamat ni dlm cite ni. mata dia tu kot...

naTea said...

mase start smp die baru tukar jd 17..aku tak heran sgt tgk muke die..pas die g shopping ngan bapak angkat die tu, Ned..hahahah..mmg tak lepas pandang..hensem!!! cair ok!