Tuesday, August 18, 2009

younger man vs older man . .

Am I destined to be with younger man? Like my mum? Why did I wonder? Past few months, I’d been meeting/being introduced to guys who are younger than me. So, what’s wrong with it? Being with younger guy will make u look younger. Being with younger guy will also make u feel restless. Restless when other people started to ask how old are you? How come you got to know to each other? It will be much more restless when it comes to his parents, especially the mother. Not a conservative. But most of the parents nowadays are still under the spell of “my son should be marrying someone that I approve”, “my son should be marrying someone same as his age”, “my son should be marrying someone who is either as wealthy as us or wealthier than us”. So, when the son still proceeds, than the Ibu Mertuaku modern version will emerge. Those who are smart and brave enough will manage to outdo the “ibu mertua ku” act. Those who aren’t, remained trapped and finally ended at the divorce paper. I think too much. But I can’t stop from thinking. This is not simply a coincidence anymore. I wish it is as simple as what one the guys had told me “Age is just a number”. I wish it is simple enough to contain this budding love.

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