Monday, August 17, 2009

PTD exam!

I woke up slightly earlier than usual. Dressed up in tunic and long pants. Make a final check – to ensure that I didn’t forget the letter and mykad. Boarded a cab to masjid jamek. Bought the ticket to pandan indah. Reached at pandan indah some where around 8.00. Looked around, unable to locate the nearby cab stand. Now, I started to panic. A makcik told me there’s a cab stand, but have to walk for about 5 min to the main road. There’s another candidate with me too, but she was assigned to diff. location. Managed to get a cab, she suggested we board the cab together. Soon, halfway to my exam centre, the girl started to complain that she will be late. Then, the greedy cab driver dropped me somewhere but not the exam centre and left me wandering around, searching for direction. It was 8.30 am - I was supposed to be at the exam centre already as per required and stated in the letter! But I’m still walking and thinking. I was thinking of giving up. I was so mad and had started to sweat. Thanks to the helpful residents of Pandan Jaya , finally I managed to locate the exam. Found the exam hall. It was free seating. Secured a place right under the fan. I was relieved and glad that I didn’t gave up.

PTD exams started on 9 am and ended at 4.30 pm with 5 sections. General knowledge/maths and penyelesaian masalah/essay comprehension/ English essay and malay essay. The exams was not that tough. But having all being held on the same day, it was soo tiring. Got to know Kak Wan. She sat in front of me. Very friendly, offered me the biscuits that she brought and she even offered to drop me at the monorail station later after the exam. Alhamdulillah.

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