Wednesday, September 09, 2009

090909 or 20092009 ?

my sis is about to deliver at anytime now. the doc had asked her to give birth today. dunno whether becoz of medical aspect or becoz of the so called auspicious date; 090909. eventually, if she delivered today, we at home will have a cleaning nite tonite and tomorrow. because she wanted to spent her confinement period at our home. i suggested to her to give birth on 20092009. another nice date, rite? but then, her husband will start to fly back beginning this 15th. so, we'll see. please pray for my sis and baby k?


ella said...

amboi bole plak ko yg nak suh dia beranak ikut sedap tarikh yg ko nak.. ape2 pon aku doakan semoga adik ko dan anak sedara ko selamat.. pray for me too. :)

naTea said...

ahhaha..utk kebaikan bersama k! least by the time die dah beranak, umah aku dah kemas. lagipun bagus ape beranak on 1st syawal..:)

aku sentiasa doakan kawan2 aku..aku doakan ko dan anak ko selamat. aku doakan ko dpt beraya dulu before beranak..;p