Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quick way to change layout

there's no planning or drafting. i just browsed thru the websites and found quite a lot of useful websites that provide nice template and gadgets for the widgets. just few tips to help fellow bloggers out there:

1. always backup ur template. how?
layout > edit template > backup / restore template > Click download full template

2. to save time search for blog with xml option. As this required no manual coding for the widgets. Without xml option, you have to revert to classic template which did not linked to the widgets.

3.I love www.ourblogtemplates.com varieties selections of blog templates. Quite a number of it had xml version. So I’d just download an xml version n then upload it. How?
Layout > edit template > backup/restore template >upload a template from…click browse (select the xml file) and click upload. The template will be automatically loads and executed.

4. unfortunately, most of the widgets have to be reset, but no worry..it was all piece of cake. Just click and follow the labels. To update and change widget:

Layout > page elements > add a gadget . to arrange widget, just drag n drop.

5. the widget that is widely used is the html/java script. You can search thru the internet and copy paste the html code in here. For example:
a. www.bravenet.com – for hit counter.
b. www.shoutmix.com – for the chit chat box for ppl to leave msg or to say hi
c. www.clocklink.com – for selections of analog and digital clock for ur blog.

Simple rite?

p/s: sharing is caring. Eventually I posted this with purpose. Itupun kalo org tu perasan la. :P

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