Sunday, November 08, 2009

an appraisal of art

arts can be in so many form. in written. in visual. in shorties. in films. in speaking. etc. appraising arts can also be done in so many ways; by blogging it. by admiring, by standing ovation, by having mind debate, etc. recently, to be specific yesterday i got the opportunity to appraise a form of art; art of sculpture.

Rhythm of the 21st Century, Monologues of Raja Shahriman is currently exhibited at Galeri PETRONAS KLCC till Jan 2010. the sculptures were made of forged metal. From what i read in the phamplet, this is his 6th solo exhibition. besides sculpture, there were also sketches and paintings (catan). some of the sculptures were quite transparent (can be easily understood) while some of it were not. i think the overall idea of this is about wars. despite economy turmoil, global warming, wars is another significant tempo in rhythm of the 21st century.

though this was my 1st time at his solo exhibition, it was no doubt that YM Raja Shahriman is very talented artist when I was mesmerized and provoked as i saw this specific masterpiece. it was consisted of two big sculptures with gold bullets, standing opposite/align to each other on piles of stripes of forged metals, like ppl in warzone/maybe after the war. (i wish i could took the pix of that sculpture).impressive!

eventually, to be able to understand and appraise arts like this, it will be much easier if you join any walkthru with the Curator. As they can provide more info n details of the arts.

p/s: this is not my new interest. this is just something that i leisurely do.

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