Wednesday, November 25, 2009


just now, my consulting manager told me that i'll be helping out the audit dept with their interim audit. i was quite surprised when she suddenly broke the news, but it was kinda expected that i'll be temporarily transferred to audit dept as i already had 3 years experience in audit. sumhow, this had made me became so nervous. As this was my 1st time leading a team at a new place(as i am still in dark about the way they perform their audit, their culture and their expectation), furthermore this is our 1st year audit which means that we had no reference at all and the best of all this is a construction company(a construction company always lead to complicated and tedious audit procedure to be carried out).

this thingy had kinda killed my festive mood as i was bit worried whether i'll manage to handle the team and the interim audit well (as i am having a feeling that all the manager has high expectation of me as i had previous experience in one of the big 4) so, i had loaded my raddish with the Firm's audit procedure and various crucial info for the audit planning so that i could read and digest and plan for a hopefully a well executed audit schedule. wish me luck~


hafizshinchan said...

audit duit raya tu kire audit la jugak kang..

aku salu audit duit raya anak buah aku...

naTea said...

sejenis audit gak laa what's ur finding? ko terlebih bg duit raya/bg cukup2 atau/terkurang bg?