Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Poem for you

aku tgh menggeledah barang2 lama aku..sbb nk cari koleksi tag2 aktiviti kat utp..tp aku tak jumpe..sebaliknye aku jumpe journal..tadeklaa journal pun..lebih kepada koleksi mcm2 jenis tulisan..short stories..quotes..poems..bile aku bace balik..ade yg aku gelak2..ade yg aku cam terkejut ..tak sangke aku tulis benda camtu..hahah..layan jelaa ~

Once upon a time.
When things are sweet and simple.
When people singing their love songs.
When the birds whistling their tune

Then as time goes by
Heart stops beating
Pulse stops pulsing
Love goes without saying

If that how times goes
Make my love stray away
Would it come back to me?
If I keep on wishing

Dear mr.clock pls stops ticking
Let me have this moment forever
Let me speak these 3 words first
Then you can start ticking again

Hey mr.clock why are you still ticking
I just want a moment.
I just want to say
I love you.

p/s: bengong~

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