Friday, January 01, 2010

010110 - beli magnum pun ok nie

The 2010 was initiated with an office assignment at the client’s place, nearby KL sentral.Eventually we had to perform the “control procedure” which is crucial so that our test will be reliable. Eventually, even the client had challenged us on whether we will be able to be at the place at 3 am. Well, it seems like you had challenged the wrong person. We reached there around 2.30 am and started to perform the walkthrough. As this was something new for me, I was really enjoying the learning process. The assignment ended at 4 am. Reached home and continue my beauty sleep till 10 am.

I woke up to the loud noise coming from the living room. It was my mum n sis who having fun watching the Celeb n the Poor, a Japanese dvd series (we had stock up lots of Japanese, Korean and us tv series to replace the boring morning tv shows) mum told me that she had decided to watch Sherlock holmes (I gave her 5 choices; cirque de freak, morgan, imaginarium, Alvin n holmes)

At 11.30, the TGV was almost packed with patrons and customer queuing for the tickets. I wasn’t shocked. It was expected. Nway, I am very glad that I had made the reservation. So I can skipped the long queue and can request for the best seat that is still available (provided u’re there like 2 or 1 ½ hours before the shows started, else I suggested to pay online)

Shopping for my everyday product at the Watson (loreal aqua essence, Maybelline lipstick, kinohimitsu…) and had our lunch at lil penang café (mum craving for char kuew teow and pie tee which is crispy as always)

Fyi, the recent two movies that I’d watched in 2009 was Christmas carol 3d and the princess and the frog whereby both had successfully managed to deprive me into sleep. Thus, I was having an expectation that I’ll be sleeping again, as the movie was seemed to be set up in the dark old century. Then, I must have guessed it wrong. Sherlock Holmes is witty, amusing, dark, and cool. Robert downey jr n Jude law collaboration is one of the best thing could ever happened in a movie!

Sherlock Holmes was inspired from Conan Doyle writing. Produced by Guy Ritchie. It was about the infamous gifted detective, Sherlock Holmes solving the mysteries of the Lord Blackwood who claimed to be in possession of black magic, assisted by the well known doctor, Dr. Watson. It was quick paced, with relevant flashback, bare-chested holmes, great cinematography and brilliant music arrangement – just what I love!

The rest of the day was spent at home. Watching dvd series while eating spirals in spicy tomatoes beefs. So with that, Happy New Year 2010! I am planning to increase $$$$, to decrease spending of $$$$, to reduce more kg's, to do more travels, the list go on..nah..just ignore it..those had been b/f since i've ever knew the meaning of resolutions.. :P


Harni said...

amik ape kino? detox? nk buat duit mai join aku hehe

hafizshinchan said...

gilo kerja pagi2

naTea said...

harni: kino detox dulu..than baru block n burn.. ko buat duit camne? kalo menarik leh gak aku join~

hafiz: nie laa resolusi tahun baru aku..bekerja dgn ikhlas tak mengira waktu demi bangsa dan duit poket sendri..:)

hafizshinchan said...

wow. demi bangsa, demm ahaha