Sunday, January 17, 2010

diary of a shopaholic

i desperately need a retail therapy! but i didn't know what should i get for myself. new clothes? it would take at least more than 1 hour before i could decide on which one to buy. So I ended up asking myself; what i really2 need and what was my budget. I recalled that my backpack (read: multipurpose backpack; for laptop or for gym or for short trip) is a bit worn out and i desperately need a new purse to replace the old one which had been safely landed with other garbage. After much consideration, i thought RM100 would justified for both. So the next 1 hour i was on a bag n purse hunting at Sogo.

the first RM65 was spent on a Tropicana Life black backpack. It was a backpack with minimal designs/drawings but with sufficient compartment to be filled with my audit utensils (pencil case, calculator, laptop, puncher, etc) But to find a purse worth RM35 proved to be a big challenges for me. I failed to harvest any interest at most of the discounted purse. But i was easily drooled over a purse worth RM359! I started to feel frustrated and kept saying "takanlaa tadek satu pun purse harga rm35 yg cantik!" Finally, at the giossardi i saw this white with patches of sequin purse. But it's worth RM69.90. Then the promoter said the magic words "Kak, nie ade 50% discount" Okay. that's it. Finally I found it!I managed to buy a backpack and a purse for only RM100!

Back at home, i proudly showed my mum my achievement. Ha ha ha. well it might be nothing for most of everybody. But it was something for a shopaholic like me~ myself > BRAVO~

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husna fairuz said...

wahhh menarik2...takde gamba ke?