Monday, January 04, 2010

randomn bday facts

1. i am 21st today. Sweet right?

2. Had a pre-bday celebration at nandos the mines on 2nd January. Finally, sumthing that wasnt planned by me. Thanks gals n guys! But kalo dpt g awal lagi kan bagus, leh borak2 n amik byk gamba gila2. I met Hana Ashran for the 1st time on that day. Comel with bunny gears. Dpt beg nandos yg kononnye my pressies - not considering that a bday present from u all k! :p

3. Received lots of smses today! Loved it! 

4. I dislike having bday on the working day. Coz I will only ended up woke up @ 5.30 am..reached office @ 7.50 am..listened to some boring and lengthy briefing.. go to client place..reached home tired at 7.50 pm..

5.  I met sumone interesting today at the client's place. too early to predict anything.That kinda make my day today~

6. Mom insisted to have a bbq bday party for me n my sis this sat. So it is on - Family BBQ ! No choice. But my condition is that i'll only contributed my money and cook a pot of spagethi. Only that.

7. Dear friends, kite pun akan ade our own bbq party! tp kena tong2 laa duitnya. I can provide the bbq set, place to cook, entertainment and place to rest. tentative date end of january! So make urself free. By Invitation Only~

9.Yesterday, i asked my mom about her experience when she gave birth to me (again). It is a timeless story that I'll asked every year. Mom often will said " tiap tahun tanye benda yg sama" but still akan cite. :)

10. I want my bday presents!! :)


idayusof said...

happy belated birthday! hehehe :)


hafizshinchan said...

by invitation
i smell a foam party there. ahaha

i.z.m.a said...

Happy belated birthday namo.. kalau nak BBQ party by end of January, boleh la celebratekan utk aku sekali :P

rina said...

kat mana ko letak wish list ko tu? aku lupe dah..

naTea said...

yus: thanx! hugs to u too..

hafiz: hahaha..cepat betul tangkap benda yg fishy2 nie..:P mane wish bday ko? :) takyah wish pun hadiah dh cukup

izma: haha..thanx..boleh aje..

rina:khas utk ko >

hafizshinchan said...

aku kasik kau hadiah doa jelah...happy belated bday!

naTea said...

kedekut..:P belanjelaa nandos ke ape ke..huh.. doa pun jadilaa..doakan supaya en.h tu org yg aku nnt2kan selama nie k.. takpun doakan aku cepat2 dpt jumpe mr.right n settle down..doakan aku .. .byk nie..smp esok pun tak abis..xpe..aku tau ko mesti doakan yg baik2 saje kan..thanx ye beb! :)

hafizshinchan said...

aku doa kau dapat laki kaya & beriman & bukan orang pantai timur.

tapi kalo dapat kerabat diraja kelantan cam mana?

naTea said...

thanx hafiz..ko mmg memahami..bertuah laa bakal2 bini ko..

nway..rezeki jgn ditolak weh~ :P