Wednesday, January 13, 2010

. . .

i kinda had loss my appetite..which is good..bcoz helped me to slim down..but bad..because i have the consequences were..stomach full of gasses..n i'd even vomited on sunday.. the last day that i had ate the most was on saturday.. the rest..i kinda eat one time per day only(either lunch or dinner)..for example today..only ate slice of chicken finger sandwich..and a cup of hot choc..really wanted to eat! but the appetite wasnt there..

having trouble to fall asleep too..esp on last friday and sunday..just managed to sleep for 2-3 hours only..alhamdulillah..things getting better after reciting few verses from Quran..

fyi..this is not love sickness..this is just another symptom of stress when facing new situation in life..i'm not over-reacting.. it just something that cant be explain..

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