Sunday, January 24, 2010

Auditing ppl

We were taking a break, and having the discussion on why we never used our audit approach in auditing ppl that we met in determining whether he’s the potential husband material. That does sound uncanny but interesting! So we began a verbal audit session for some random guy that we had met. Well, if we are going to make a documentation of our findings, it will be something like this:

Client: Miss.Whatever
Year Ended: 31st December 2009
Subject: XXX

Objectives: To determine a potential husband material


Particulars                                    Mr. L      Mr.P
Single?                                        Yes          No
Straight?                                      Yes         Yes
Has genuine interest on you?        Yes         Yes
Good looks?                               Yes         Yes
Gentleman?                                 Yes         Yes
Love kids?                                  Yes         Yes
Annual income ?                      RM50k    RM100k

Scope of audit /Planning Materiality

Total Annual Income > RM60k

Mr.L : Summary Audit Difference is RM10k, by right this sample should not be selected at all, as it is not within the audit scope, however as Mr.L is still single, this differences can be deemed immaterial, no further hesitation, but to proceed.

Mr.P: He’s not single. Deemed material, no further workdone.


Mr.L might be the potential husband material.

Ha ha ha, this was a total crap. We can audit ppl but it would took more than 10 pages to describe our findings, which was a total waste of time. Plus, you may have a long list of what you want for yourself, but at the end, it is your heart that determined whether is that what you want or not.

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