Sunday, January 24, 2010

pink and orange

i met my cousin, eza last saturday, mase cukur jambul my niece. i just cant believed that she'll be getting married in 4 months time. We chatted about her preparations. It seemed like that she had booked a bungalow, the receptions will be at night(most probably a RSVP event), and it will be in pink and orange(colours which fits her personality as someone who is bubbly yet outspoken)

She had bought some of the hantaran gift too, but still indecisive on whether to ask us to help with the hantaran arrangement or upah others to do it. I love to arrange for the hantaran, but the thing is she will be using fresh flowers, n i cant guaranteed that i will be able to do it at quite last minute.(plus, there's possibility that i will have to work on that saturday morning) So, after discussion with her mother, Mak Ngah, we decided to send it to someone else.

Anyway, as i wouldnt be able to arrange the hantaran for them, i am thinking what else that i can do for my cousin's wedding. For instance, right now i'm having this two idea, 1st-video slide of their love journey or 2nd-guest book. as the wedding is in may, i still have like 3 months to decide. another things to do-have to slim down much2 more than before. As there will be lots of dress up to do. :P

Credit picture to : DistinctiveWeddings

p/s: escort wanted. rm100 per hour. LOL . nah..just kidding. why would i need a guy to escort me when i have bunch of cute little nephews to accompany me? :)


HafizChan said...

my rate is 100 Euro per hour. ngesnges

naTea said...

woah..mentang2 harga gule naik..ko pun naikkan harga laa ek! :P

HafizChan said...

biasalah...nak idup