Thursday, December 03, 2009

she's not the one. .

me n my junior were having another random conversation during lunch. today we talked about two subjects; guys who is over romantic(and how to deal with it) and about knowing the right time to settle down(get married) i rarely encounter the situation where the guy was too romantic (with the exception of my sis's husband)..i just listened and giggles to her stories. she even asked me how should i dealt with too poetic sms. i told her that once i got such sms. i just read it in a glance, reply with a smiley face/ wink eyes ..and saved the msg(only read and digested the sms when i was totally free). seems that she agreed with my idea.. :p

later on we jumped into another topic, when she started to tell me about her brother. all the while, there's a girl been admiring and really liked her brother, but as much as her brother interested to be with the girl, he refused to pursue. his reason was that there's so many things had to be done; well obviously, it was about the money. However, recently when his friends started to settle down one by one, he decided to make that big step. which is to be in a relationship.

Then, i asked her whether her brother is with the same girl that she told me about which she replied that it is not the same girl. I told her this "it was not about settling down that bothers him. it just that, i think ur brother thought that maybe she's not the one. if she's the one, he would have make the big step earlier and try to make it work for whatever it takes"

She was a bit confused about should she is in that situation, how to know whether she's the one or not. Well, the answer is simple; "you wouldn't know whether you're the one for him or not. but there's no harm, in trying to give an impression to him that u're the one, but bear in mind that changing the way you are for the sake of somebody is not easy, most of the time you'll revert back to old you."(now i sounded like

p/s: talk is easy. but doing it?


hafizshinchan said...

maybe kau pomm team bruno kot...welkam to the club. muahahaa peace jangan marah LOL

naTea said...

hahaha..mmg aku marah laa nie..:p what makes me part of the bruno's team? pls justify ..:D