Wednesday, October 28, 2009

luck luck . .come to me

have a job interview tmr it had been a month i'm at home..i started to feel bored and bored..bored bcoz there aint good show to watch on tv during the day (we didnt subscribe astro)..bored bcoz there isnt enuff money to splurge anymore..i'm really need retail theraphy here..(why do i need it at the first place? i got nothing to be stressed about) . . shopping is sooo part of me . . .so let pray hard . .that i'll get the job tomorrow. .if not? then . . i keep on searching . . unlike bf, searching for job much easier . . if you like the job. .but the job didnt . .we will straight away get the answer within their stipulated time . .no waiting for the phone calls . . waiting for the mail . .jobs specify the criteria that they're looking for . .so you know straight away whether you'll be in or not. .bf . .would never be specific. .a minute they looking for hot chic . .the next minute they're looking for money . .and jobs would pay all ur expenses, satisfy ur needs, makes u keep on dreaming . . all right ..all right ..this is soo out of topic . .signing off now . .

p/s: the symptoms of gossip gal side effects becoming more apparent . .need a cure. .

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