Monday, October 05, 2009

sekali lagi?

Perancangan awal tu dah bermule since April. Tp asyik ditangguhkan sbb tgh peak period at office. As usual audit for year end 31st Dec 2008. then, slowly suasana kat ofis dah berubah. It wasn’t anybody’s fault. Everybody esp the boss had their own right to throw tantrum and mengamuk at the office whenever they want or like though it wasn’t anybody’s fault at the 1st place. However, having to go thru that almost every day was such nightmare to me. then, one day I decided that I had enough. I handed in the letter. N now I’m an auditor with 3 years exp, finalist of ACCA is jobless, and looking for new opportunities. As much I had enough with audit (esp the travel to kawasan pendalaman yg tatau ceruk mane), n pray hard for position in commercial sector, I know that in this recession time, the choices might be abundant, so do the competition, thus cannot be too picky. It is fun to browse thru recruitment section in the Star, it is enjoyable sending out resume thru email, hate the interview part, most of all hate the 1st week at a new place. But then, it is the only option that I have, to work for my dreams. Yeah..officially jobless again for the 2nd time in 4 years..

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