Friday, October 09, 2009

stop trying . .

dear blogger,

decided to stop trying. stop asking. stop interfering. he's not getting my signal. he is already out of the coverage. it is just so so weird. i wish i could asked him. but i couldnt. i dont have the right. no. i dont have the gut. i have my pride. my ego. that i wish to keep intact. to him. u're so weird. back then, u can say all the nice thing to me. n the next day. u completely ignored me. i dont wish to go with the flow anymore. in love there ain't any flow to follow. if u're into someone. that's it. if u're not. that means u are really are. we just dont have that chemistry. -the end-

p.s: this monologue sounded too cliche . is it bcoz i watched too many korean series?