Thursday, October 08, 2009

me & FF - starting out

Somewhere in January. inline with my b/f new year resolutions, i decided to accomplish at least one of it; which is to lose weight. so, on that friday me n rakan2 ofis (just 3 of us) went to FF. there we met the membership consultant (he’s quite cute and very good in persuading ppl). after explaining mcm2 about the club, he brought us for a tour at the club. At the end, after not that much consideration, i decided to give it a try. so akhirnye i became the club member. overall i paid around RM256 for admin fee and bodyfirst pack. This bodyfirst pack come with 3 session with Personal Trainer and a set of books (exercising+eating+bodyjournal).beside that i also received a backpack+face towel+drinking bottle. soo excited to start!

what make me choose FF?
- the facilities is good
- good accessibility to public transport n shopping mall
- nearby my office
- based on review by the ex-members/members

what to do before joining a fitness club?
- survey the location/branch
- survey the price
- budget for monthly expenses
- search for cheaper option; membership transfer can always offers u cheaper monthly subscription fee
- come out with a time shedule
- think whether r u ready for that kind of commitment

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