Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Walk2 Search Food @ Penang Day 1

you know..we can only plan..but the up to Allah..well that was exactly happened to our Penang Trip..initially mawar had agreed to join the trip..but due to some last minute arrangement (which frankly had made me feel so frustrated and with a bit of anger), she had to pass the trip..(nway..i just let this it was for good reason and i shud have expected this) she wasnt going..i was pretty sure that i wont be going it was quite impossible to fit 5 of us with a car seat in a persona..but then, after discussion, rina n azhar decided it was ok to leave the car seat at home, however, we have to take turn to hold fatin..which was not a big deal at all as who doesnt love that cute adorable lil gal?

so on friday, around 12pm, rina n family fetched it was eve of deepavali, the road was a bit jam packed with ppl going back to hometown and also due to minor accident..we exit at rawang toll..n had our lunch at tapah R&R..Fatin hardly fall asleep during the trip..might be she was over excited with her first trip to Penang plus not having her car seat kinda made her sleeping process a bit harder than usual..we reached penang at almost 6pm..our accomodation was at Rumah Peranginan Pe*tronas..the apartment unit was big, equipped with basic kitchen utensils..unfortunately, it was at 4th floor..though it was tough for us to walk up n down, but look at the bright side! that was the best form of exercise that we could possibly need for all the nasi kandar n delicacies that we will consumed later..

that nite, we had our dinner at gurney drive..we had char kuew teow@RM3 per plate, pasembur(a mix of various kind of fritters + cuttlefish +with sliced cucumber and sengkuang in spicy special peanut sauce)@RM20 (price varies, depending on what you pick n mix)..and sotong kangkung@RM6 per plate while fatin ate mihun sup..the food might be a bit over priced..but it still within our budget..

our next stop was the night market at batu was a long strech of night market at just one side of the road..what you can find at the market? cheap bag,souveniers,tshirts, and lots2 of good things..heheh..we bought few..and decided to call it a day after buying a pelampung for fatin..then the unexpected things happened..the front tyre had been punctured..luckilly there is spare tyre and two tough men to save the day..we had few speculations over how the tyre had been punctured..1st-maybe to some unknown sharp things laid over the road..2nd-someone at the parking lot did that..3rd-someone at the gurney drive did that(this was the most possible reason) . .want to know why? wait for the 2nd day journal . .

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes in life, we just can't ignore other people's decision or feelings. We have to respect what they have to say then only we gain their respect.

We just need to know what are our options when plans becomes a disaster.