Sunday, December 27, 2009

me n princess n the frog . .

it was an unplanned plan. it was on the christmas eve. it was the day after the night where i only slept for 3 and 1/2 hours. it all started when me n sue were chatting thru ym. we suddenly made an impromptu plan to watch a movie@pavi. so the plan was that to get the ticket of alvin n chipmunks. eat our dinner. watch the movie n go home. sumhow, things took a big turn. when the tickets for most of the movies(for the show around 9++) had been sold out. that's when sue suggested to watch the 12.55 am show, which i said ok. it was almost 8 pm.

so, next we joined the crowd excitingly waiting for the snow(it's a snow foam). there were too many ppl, i even envisioned that a stampede could happened with that large of crowd unintentionally pushing each other to get a closer look to the snow when it started to fall. after we managed to safely escape the crowd, we had our dinner and did some window shopping. by 10 pm, we were clueless on what to do and where to lepak as most of the restaurants n cafe were packed with patrons.

so we went for sightseeing in the car. from kl to bangsar. we stopped at baskin robin take away the ice cream(couldnt' forget the look of the ppl there when i who are still in baju kurung came in n started to try almost all the flavours over there)and indulged it thru out the trip. at 12.55 am, we were at the cinema watching the princess and the frog. i was already worn out. this was my 2nd time in the year staying up and out till late in the morning. so expectedly, i fall asleep middle of the movies and eventually sue pinched me when i eventually started to make some cute noise aka snoring (hahahaha..this was soo hilarious and kinda embarrassing). guess that i was damn freaking tired on that day!


hafizshinchan said...

snoring? omg

naTea said...

haha..abaikan..sgt2 penat dan ngantuk! so hanya berlaku bile terlalu penat..:p