Wednesday, December 09, 2009

randomn rants

There are so many things running on my mind right now. Most are soon to be problems to me. First with the PTD assessment just around the corner, I barely made any preparation at all. Haven’t filled the forms, photocopy the cert (by the way, till today I still haven’t received the copy of the cert that I applied last two weeks!!), print new passport photos and homework on the ministries in govt. frankly, I am freaking nervous about going for the assessment, which I can’t explain why (hint: the possibilities of having an impromptu public speaking session)

Current audit assignment is making me stress! The downturn is, when I stress, I’ll eat more (unless if I got extra money right now, I would channeled my stress through retail therapy, but too bad, I’m quite broke right now!) As the client is unfamiliar with the interim  audit procedure, we had to wait for sometime before getting the answers for our queries and also the documents. And at the same time I wish I could be much firmer with the juniors esp, the guys! I just could not find the right way to coerce them to observe the audit schedule . Scolding them should be my last resort. For now, I am still able to control my temper. Thus, I had come up with this approaches so that I can effectively handle the team:

1. Ask them to submit their assigned sections to me at every two days, so that I can track their progress and at the same time I can review and comment on their working papers.
2. Instruct them to stay at the client’s place a bit longer than usual.
3.Indirectly reminded them to perform as I'll be appraising them later.

Let’s hope that I would not end up screaming at my team like any other audit senior tends to do.

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