Sunday, December 13, 2009

who's first ?

frankly speaking, us, the girls do talk about other things apart from love and relationship during lunch. however, all discussion was relating to client, other high profile and p&c info which is knowingly inappropriate to be exposed and discussed here.

eventually, we were having the discussion re: who should declare their feeling first. the guy or the girls. conservatively it had always been the guys who makes the declaration. Though it should continue to be that way, there were times when girl can declare hers too. provided that you're daring enough to make the confession and to bear all the aftermath the daring confession.

nway, when the right time to make declaration? 1.when you think you're ready. 2. when you think you love each other. 3.when you want to give the relationship a name. 4.when u're clueless with the status. 5. when you dont care whether he/she loves you, but you just want to let the other one to know your feeling. 6.when u realize that the other one is too slow..

i've seen quite a lot of cases whereby ppl too afraid to confess their feelings, and at the end, they knew about it when it is all too late already! that is when what left to be said was "dah tadek jodoh, nak buat camne" . .is it really works that way?

nevertheless, clueless on how to make a confession? can be easily done through; email / sms / letter..or can be loudly done by an advertisment in newspaper or at the billboard..or the hardest but the sweetest always by saying it directly from your heart in front of the loved ones..

then..what to do..if somebody made a confession to you? 1. if you like him/her too..just make ur confession too. 2. if you're unsure of your feelings, let them know. 3. if you're with somebody, tell that too..basically, u need to be frank with ur feelings too..

either way, it always preferable for guy to make the step first..but it is not wrong if the girl decided to make the step first..esp in the case if the guy too shy to make the step..hahaha..gile chicken..~


hafizshinchan said...

tak salah pom aweks tu nak impom jantan tu dulu
sapa wat rule yg jantan kena impom dulu
lanie zaman selamba badak je

ke cam mana?

naTea said...

pepatah "perigi cari timba" is that set of rules.. lg pun even in one ur entries pun ade statistik that guys will be turn off/back off kalo girls yg konfes dulu..sbb tulaa pompuan tak berani nak berkata2..takut jd camtu..:)

utk my own experience..aku pernah konfes skali, 8 years ago(konfes kat org yg dah ade sumone in his heart..though tak puas ati). .dan penah dikonfes skali.. :)

ella said...

laki ke pompuan ke tak kisah. masalahnye skang ialah malu dgn tak malu je. pastu takut kena rejek.

tp kan, nak confess tu pon agak2 la kan. kena agak2 sendiri la tgk relationship korg mcm mana. kalo biasa2 je mebe la susah sket kot. actually benda ni susah nak ckp, tp kena ikut instinct sendiri. kalo kita bole rasa mcm ada perasaan suka-sama-suka antara satu sama lain, then y not?

rina said...

aku sgt setuju dgn ella..kadang2 laki ni chiken gak..takut kena rijek sbb pompuan selalu jinak2 merpati (byknye haiwan dlm ayat ni). tapi kalau dah hari2 chatting..sms..bile phone call pon dah taknak org lain dgr..apeke nama tu..pastu kalau laki tu ciken sgt, pompuan la kena make move..ada 2 pro kat sini:
1-utk clear n confirmkan relationship
2-kalau laki tu jenis main2..then takyah bazir masa n terus move on to next guy..haha

pepatah "perigi cari timba" tu pada aku more to kalau nampak sgt laki tu tak layan that girl tu still tergedik2..nway skang tak pakai dah perigi ngan timba..skang org pakai shower head je..

naTea said...

well..both of u had make the statement..n aku setuju .. cara nie jelaa sesuai utk menyelesaikan kerunsingan ngan lelaki yg ciken sgt..~