Wednesday, December 16, 2009

my birthday wishlist

17 more days to go. .eventually..I'm not that excited to celebrate this coming 20th bday.. ;p nevertheless..i'm grateful that i'm still here..alive n healthy.. it just life is currently going thru too much significant drastic changes that i'm still trying to cope (in other words: going thru a depression state) eventually i'm  not planning to celebrate my bday this round (so gals..dont expect any email for a gathering invitation) instead, i'm planning to apply for leave on that day and pamper myself at the salon and some mani-pedi treatment, indulge in BR or HD and retail theraphy.. birthday wishlist :
- celebrate with mr.X (hmmm)
- a document bag/laptop bag
- psp
- a new camera
- a pair of mary jane by primavera

1 comment:

rina said...

lorr..baru nak ajak gi mkn nandos ke..isk isk